Golden Mike Awards 2017. Universal Hilton.
Joshua Barash Photography
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IMG_5848 IMG_5849 IMG_5850 IMG_5852
IMG_5848.jpg IMG_5849.jpg IMG_5850.jpg IMG_5852.jpg
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IMG_5854.jpg IMG_5855.jpg IMG_5856.jpg IMG_5858.jpg
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IMG_5859.jpg IMG_5860.jpg IMG_5861.jpg IMG_5862.jpg
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IMG_5863.jpg IMG_5864.jpg IMG_5865.jpg IMG_5866.jpg
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IMG_5867.jpg IMG_5870.jpg IMG_5872.jpg IMG_5873.jpg
IMG_5874 IMG_5876 IMG_5877 IMG_5880
IMG_5874.jpg IMG_5876.jpg IMG_5877.jpg IMG_5880.jpg
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IMG_5882.jpg IMG_5883.jpg IMG_5885.jpg IMG_5886.jpg
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IMG_5887.jpg IMG_5888.jpg IMG_5889.jpg IMG_5890.jpg
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IMG_5892.jpg IMG_5894.jpg IMG_5897.jpg IMG_5898.jpg
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IMG_5901.jpg IMG_5902.jpg IMG_5903.jpg IMG_5904.jpg
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IMG_5905.jpg IMG_5907.jpg IMG_5911.jpg IMG_5912.jpg
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IMG_5916.jpg IMG_5917.jpg IMG_5921.jpg IMG_5922.jpg