Josh has spent equal amounts of time living in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles, where he currently resides. 

A professional photographer for 25 years, Josh began his career as a photojournalist, published in newspapers for Gannett, The L.A. Times, The Washington Post, The NY Post, Plane and Pilot, and numerous other magazines, newspapers and websites around the world.   His work has been used for travel and corporate brochures.  He was a staff photographer for Music Connection magazine and shot over 150 bands while there. 

Now, primarily a commercial photographer, his client base continues to grow.  He works continuously for companies and organizations such as MTV, Qantas Airlines, Nickelodeon TV,  Australian Consulate, BASF, AMPAS, Sequoia Productions, Turkish Airlines, and so many other current and past clients over the years he can’t remember them all.

He is currently a staff photographer for the City of West Hollywood.

FORM ON FORM fine art:

I wanted to try something different from the generally urban theme of architectural details, landscapes, and structures that I had always gravitated to in my fine art work.  I have particularly enjoyed shooting what seems to be something mundane, perhaps neglected or forgotten and capturing it in such a way as to make it appear striking.  For instance, a detail of a building indistinct as a part of the whole becomes, on its own, a captivating abstract of lines and curves.

So, I took on the subject of the nude.  I realized that if I could somehow combine my images and sensibilities I spoke of earlier, with the models, use their bodies as canvases.  The only other criterion was I had to shoot it as I saw it, to be photographic and not computer graphic.  I wanted to be true to my roots of shooting with film and not images I produced within a computer.  

So, that's exactly what I have done; I literally project my black and white images with old style Kodak slide projectors directly onto the models' bodies.  I then shoot the two together, using 35mm digital SLR cameras, and print them on color photographic paper.  What you see is what I saw when I took the picture, with a little cleaning up in the computer. 

Josh’s fine art work has been shown in cities across the U.S. including L.A., Washington, D.C., Lexington, KY, Glendale, CA,  and San Fran.

A few comments from the American Art Salon:

Mist on Causeway - "...this composition handles the projected process in a compositionally effective way, with a resulting image that offers an innovative and striking integration of image and surface."

Under Riverside Drive II - "The human body provides an ideal surface for a highly complex and contrasting image, resulting in a strong directional focus and resolution."

Amanda Moore:

One of his most striking images that speaks to his use of design is Under Riverside Drive II.  Joshua Barash creates an appealing image that forces the viewer to reevaluate the canvas and reality of the photograph. His images are unique in their presentations and give perspective on contemporary photography. 

Previous Shows:

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1601 W. Mountain St.
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Peninsula Museum Of Art
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     Lamar Dodd Art Center
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     Eagle Art Gallery
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     Juror - Joyce Tenneson 
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